The Autonomous Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina Against ‎Malnutrition, IIMSAM , I present my compliments. IIMSAM is an Autonomous I.G.O. The entity within ‎Article Five (5) of the Free Agreement Treaty for cooperation in scientific research and humanitarian ‎use of microalgae Spirulina as food. Registered under United Nations Treaty Series No. 37542-37543, ‎dated 12th June 2001; under Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations. ‎

Furthermore, IIMSAM is one of the thirty (30) Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGOs) which are ‎presently accredited as observers to the United Nations Economic and Social Council at UNHQ in New ‎York on a continuing basis under rule 79 of the rules of procedure of the Council and Section 74 of the ‎regulations procedure of the functional commissions. ‎

IIMSAM is an Inter-Governmental Organization composed primarily of several sovereign states, ‎established on bilateral or multilateral diplomatic arrangements (Treaties) “among other things” with ‎its Member States within the framework of the IIMSAM Free Agreement Treaty with its adhering ‎Member States in the purview of various International Conventions on Diplomatic Relations. ‎

IIMSAM is the only one with a precise Mandate in advocating the use of “Spirulina Platensis” for ‎supporting the second Sustainable Development Goal of eradicating Hunger and Malnutrition to ‎promote Spirulina as an important instrument in fighting acute malnutrition. IIMSAM is an ardent ‎promoter of the United Nations and is committed to the principles and praxis of universality and ‎multilateralism through the UN System. ‎

IIMSAM’s Initiatives on the ground with “Concrete Deeds” in the following countries since 2009: ‎Peoples Republic of China, Kenya, Mexico, Haiti, Jordan, Lebanon, Niger, Kurdistan-Iraq, Palestine, ‎India, UAE, KSA.‎

According to UNICEF Every five seconds a child under the age of five dies from hunger or hunger ‎related diseases somewhere in the world

Spirulina was declared by the UN World Food Conference of 1974 as the “best food for mankind”.‎

‎45 percent of deaths among children under 5 have malnutrition as an underlying cause (Source WFP.) 2 ‎billion people suffer from micronutrient deficiencies (Source WFP.)‎

IIMSAM’ LEGACY OF ADVOCACY AND RESILIENT LOBBYING AT UNHQ IN NY MAKES INROADS: During ‎the sixtieth session of the United Nations General Assembly (Second Committee, Agenda item 52). ‎IIMSAM initiated a revised draft resolution on the “Use of Spirulina to combat hunger and malnutrition ‎and help achieve sustainable development” sponsored by Burundi, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, ‎Nicaragua, and Paraguay. As a follow-up on this resolution, the United Nations Food and Agriculture ‎Organization (FAO) was requested to prepare a draft position on Spirulina. FAO’s report was ‎presented in 2008 and includes the following selected recommendations: To improve technical and ‎economic solutions to Spirulina production in poor environmental conditions, as well as to prepare ‎tested production packages for rapid deployment in emergency situations. To develop a practical ‎guide to small-scale Spirulina production that could be useful for development mythologies, oriented ‎towards Providing nutritional supplements for the use in rural and urban communities where the diet ‎is inadequate.‎

IIMSAM is an entirely Humanitarian IGO which has been playing a proactive role in providing nutritious ‎Spirulina as aid worldwide. IIMSAM’s Flagship Program “Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Spirulina ‎Feeding Centre” in Kisumu, Kenya is one of the exemplary free feeding centers with an estimated ‎‎800,000 + recipients since its inception in 2009. ‎

IIMSAM’s fiat is to realize its ambition of making Spirulina a global driver to eradicate malnutrition and ‎achieve food security so as to bridge the critical health divide.‎

IIMSAM recognizes that hunger and malnutrition are a major impediment to sustainable development ‎reaffirming that reducing these both is a primary goal of the UN-Sustainable Development Goals 2030 ‎Agenda.‎

For more information about IIMSAM and its endeavors around the world, feel free to visit our official ‎website: www.iimsam.org.‎