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IAM Registered Training Courses

Asset management is vitally important for all capital intensive industries which rely on cost effective and trouble free operation of their plant and equipment. Getting the right dialogue taking place between cross functional groups such as new project, commissioning, operation & maintenance is necessary so that joined up thinking takes place and the life cycle costs of assets are minimized. This intensive asset management training course will help to give focus on the drive to improve management practices by presenting standards, methodologies and guidance how to set up good asset management. This training course will feature how the international standards on Asset Management, PAS55 and ISO55000, can be used to implement the best and latest practices.

This AZTech training course will feature:

  • The asset management system, organization & risk-based framework specified in PAS 55 & ISO 55000 series
  • Life cycle costing advantages and issues
  • Asset policies & strategies derived from the business plan
  • Formulating effective asset management plans and ensuring that they are carried out
  • Continuous improvement and the learning organization

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